Royal Purple® Max-Atomizer™ Fuel Injector Cleaner

Royal Purple® Max-Atomizer™ is a highly concentrated, high performance fuel injector cleaner.

It is specially formulated to solve problems with today’s direct injection engines, but can be used with any type of fuel injection.

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Royal Purple® Max-Atomizer™ contains highly concentrated polyether amine (PEA) detergents that quickly clean clogged and coked injectors to restore maximum injector flow. This optimizes injector spray patterns and better atomizes fuel as it enters the combustion chamber. The result is improved fuel economy, enhanced power and performance, reduced emissions, smoother idle, and quicker / easier starts.

Max-Atomizer is the only fuel injector cleaner that also stabilizes ethanol, which chemically breaks down to cause harmful effects to an engine.

• Restores fuel economy
• Stabilizes ethanol
• Maximizes horsepower
• Improves responsiveness
• For use in both gasoline and diesel engines
• Recommended for all ethanol blends
• Will not harm vehicle emissions equipment
• EPA / CARB Compliant

Pour entire contents of bottle into nearly empty tank immediately before refueling, then install fuel on top of additive. Minimum recommended dose is one (1) 6oz. bottle to 20 gallons of fuel. The maximum effective dose is one (1) 6oz. bottle to 10 gallons of fuel.

For best results, use at every fill-up. Minimum recommended usage is every 3,000 miles.