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I was very satisfied after using Max-Clean fuel additive in my Mercedes-Benz S500 V8 550.
Today I have put Royal Purple HPS 5W30 oil in its engine.
Boris D., Mercedes-Benz S500 V8 550, Royal Purple HPS 5W30, Max-Clean
9 January 2020
With this oil change there is instant difference in engine performance right after initial start. Motor is much smoother and quiet.
I have discovered the motor oil, that I will use exclusively for all my cars.
G. M., Infiniti FX45, V8 4.5, Royal Purple XPR 5W30
17 September 2017
Audi A6 2.7 TDI quattro (2005)
Stock 163 hp, 380 nm
Chip tuning & Royal Purple XPR 5W30
Dyno 270 hp, 565 nm
A. M.
14 July 2017
Last 4 years I have been using only Royal Purple 5w40. A very good and high quality motor oil.
Excellent engine performance through the years and now with MaxClean for the fuel.
V. A., Mercedes diesel, Royal Purple API 5W40, Max-Clean
20 May 2017
Honda with HPS motor oil and Max ATF for the automatic box. The best possible combination.
Honda Civic, gasoline, automatic, Royal Purple HPS 5W30, Max ATF
04 April 2017
Good car needs high quality engine oil.
Dimitar, Mercedes E220 CDI, 2002, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
01 March 2017
I like Royal Purple products. I use them for my car and now I put Royal Purple in the air compressor that I work with.
D. G., Royal Purple API 15W40
20 January 2017
Diagnostics found that injector 3 of my car is not working right.
After the very first use of Royal Purple Max-Clean and a 1000 km trip the parameters of this injector turned normal and the engine is running smoothly.
Dimitar, Mercedes E220 CDI, 2002, Royal Purple Max-Clean
03 December 2016
I heavily rely on my machine and I never compromise with the maintenance.
K. D., Nissan Patrol Y61, Royal Purple API 5W40, Max Gear 75W90, UPG, Max-Clean
23 November 2016
My old car loves high quality engine oil!
I. M., Nissan Primera 1.6i, 1997, Royal Purple API 10W40
05 November 2016
My choice.
Y. I., Skoda Superb 2.0 diesel, 2012, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
13 Оctober 2016
Second oil change with Royal Purple. Great engine performance.
S. B., Peugeot 2.2 HDI Bi Turbo, DPF, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
23 August 2016
The engine works perfect in high rev mode. It is very quiet in idle mode.
M. M., Skoda Octavia, 1.8T, 4x4, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
05 May 2016
Over 30 000 km after the first change and third time with Royal Purple.
D. S., 2005 Volkswagen Golf Plus V 1,6 FSI, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
08 January 2016
My choice for engine oil.
J. I., VW Caddy 1.6 TDI, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
05 December 2015
I chose this oil because of the great reviews. This product is perfect for the automotive maniacs.
M. M., Peugeot 307 CC 1.6 gasoline, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
21 Оctober 2015
Through the many years I have used numerous different engine oils, but Royal Purple is unique.
L. S., Nissan Terrano 2.7 TDI, 2000, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
18 August 2015
After the oil change, the engine is quieter and the fuel consumption is less than before.
Svetlana S., Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI, 2008, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
18 August 2015
For me this oil is the best choice.
S. B., Peugeot 2.2 HDI Bi Turbo, DPF, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
21 July 2015
I will definitely order this more in future! Such a great oil, keeps my oil pressure high and can handle very well high rpm levels. Stays stable even under hard pressure.
My car is -94 Nissan Skyline GTS-T with GT-R RB26 single turbo converted engine. It has about 600hp.
H. A., Finland, Nissan Skyline GTS-T, 600 hp, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
27 May 2015
My choice...
M. K., Nissan Almera Tino 2.2 dci, 136 hp, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
28 March 2015
My Tribeca already has Royal Purple in its engine. I put HPS 5W30 and Royal Purple oil filter.
B. S., 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
23 March 2015
15 000 km after the first RP oil change and again I chose these products.
D. S. 2005 VW Golf Plus V 1.6 FSI 2005, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
11 March 2015
Third oil change in a row.
Silviya, Peugeot 307 1.6 HDI, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
04 March 2015
I was a bit sceptical, about this oil, but when I changed my old with this one, the engine works much better. I will calculate the fuel consumption and tell if there is any difference.
D. G., 1999 Volkswagen Golf 4, 1.6, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
07 September 2014
This is a company vehicle, with a daily drive of over 100 km in Sofia. After I switched to Royal Purple HPS 5W30 the engine is quieter and the car accelerates faster. This oil makes a big difference.
D. S. 2005 VW Golf Plus 1.6 FSI, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
03 September 2014
The engine sounds quieter and the car runs easier.
B., Mazda 323 gasoline, Royal Purple HPS 10W40
06 August 2014
Right after the oil change, the car improved its sound and now the engine sounds like brand new.
Velislava N., Toyota Rav4 D-4D 2.2 136 hp, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
26 April 2014
After 1 year and 18 000 kilometers with Royal Purple oil I chose again their products.
HPS oil is the perfect choice for engine protection, fuel economy and is at affordable price.
Silviya, Peugeot 307 1.6 HDI DPF, Royal Purple HPS 5W30
20 January 2014
I have read a lot about the quality of Royal Purple oils.
Decided to try them and now I am very pleased with my choice and the quality of the product.
D. G., Fiat Bravo 1.2 16V
23 December 2013
I have no impression, have not felt any difference yet.
Alex S., Subaru Impreza Type R
23 August 2013
Now, after 1500 km I can share that the engine is “calmer” and works more quietly
(as far as this is possible for this vehicle to be quiet :) )
Alex S., Subaru Impreza Type R
17 September 2013
I had an opportunity to see Royal Purple performing on the test machine and was very impressed with the quality of the oil.
For my vehicle I chose API 5W40, which is perfect for my engine and the climate in our area.
I noticed difference with the new oil right after the first start. Engine now works easier and is quieter than before.
K. D., Opel Astra DTI 16V
10 September 2013
Right after I started the engine with the new oil, I felt that the car starts so easy. Next day I had to travel from Sofia to the sea side (Bourgas). The car is way more responsive before boost and overall the typical diesel engine knocking is gone. If I am giving a ride to somebody not knowing that the engine is a diesel he will never guess it. I instantly felt a decrease in the fuel consumption of 0.4l to 0.9l per 100 km. I am thinking it may even go in savings of 1 liter.
I am very satisfied and from now on will be a lifetime user of Royal Purple HPS.
Ivan P., Seat Leon 1.9 TDI ARL
6 July 2013
After switching to Royal Purple HPS engine oil I instantly felt increased power and now the engine sounds and works better.
B. A., Skoda Octavia RS 180 hp
5 May 2013
I changed the oil of my car with "Royal Purple" SAE 0w40. The engine is significantly more quiet and powerful.
J. I., Subaru Impreza
30 April 2013
Royal Purple products are being tested in the training car of one of the best bulgarian drivers, champion in his class for 2012.
23 April 2013
Subaru is a very specific type of car. Mine has been manufactured in USA for the US market. I always use high quality products when maintaining it.
That's why I chose Royal Purple Max ATF.
B.S., 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca
27 January 2013
For my last oil change I used royal purple oil. Now the engine is not that noisy as it was before and the driving is a pleasant experience.
I would recommend Royal Purple to everybody.
Silviya E., Peugeot 307
23 January 2013